Monday, September 26, 2011

Saree wearing lady

Saree is a dress of Indian culture.It is used in India since ancient times.It also changed its trends as decades passed.Earlier it was used by all types of Indian women mainly for the purpose of clothing. Depending upon the different part of the country, now a days it is mainly use by the older women , though the rule is not hard and fast.
  Now a days Saree has achieved great popularity , particularly among the young women as a part of modern fashion.A young girl wearing saree in drapping style makes her more beautiful and gorgeous and attractive.Saree wore tightly also shows her buttock a little bigger and the butt cleavage more prominent. This make her more sexy and hot.
      Saree also become very popular abroad these days.Following are few photographs of Indian beautiful ladies wearing saree making them more gorgeous.(Photographs are collected only)


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sarees are a type of clothing wornen throughout India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. They are also known as saris or podavis, depending on spelling and region. Sarees are basically long pieces of cloth worn draped in a number of styles around the body. Sarees are usually worn over a blouse and petticoat, to cover the upper portion of the body and to keep the Sareefrom sticking to the skin.
To look sexy in saree------u ‘v to wear bra and panties, petticot and blouse. the blouse shud be low cut and breasts shud be partly revealing. yr naval shud also be revealed. it will be necessary to match colour of blouse and sari. take help of some one to wear sari if u dont know how to wrap it.